Interview with a dairy hero: Meet Neha Sen


Here at McIntosh & Bowman, we see the next big food trend in Australia as being Indian Inspired. Indian cheeses, Indian yoghurt… Even Indian inspired ice-cream.

In celebration of this, we interviewed an Indian-Australian woman of great inspiration Neha Sen of Neha’s Ice Creams, Perhaps best known for her success as a Masterchef contestant.

Nehas ice creams are not only impressive in flavour they are Australian made products of great integrity using the highest quality Australian Ingredients.

In an era where most local and imported Icecream manufacturers are using milk powder, of Asian or American origin, Neha is instead choosing the far less cost-effective choice of supporting Australian Dairy Farmers with the purchase of fresh milk for her ice cream, from South Australian Dairy producers.

Neha took a moment to answer 4 quick questions for our newsletter readers:

4 words that sum up your experience on Masterchef
Gap year on steroids!

Why ice cream?
I have grown up eating a street dessert in India called – Kulfi ( a cardamom ice cream). The Kulfi was part of my audition dish for MasterChef 2013 and I was told if I wanted a career in food I should do something with it. I came out of the show, worked on the other 5 flavours and launched an Indian Inspired range of ice creams using beautiful Australian ingredients but introducing exotic Indian flavours in them.

How do you stay positive and motivated whilst navigating the challenges and bureaucracy of a commercial food manufacturing start-up?
Someone once said that only a fortunate few get to make a profession out of their passion. I remind myself that I am one of the lucky few to be able to do that! The other thing that keeps me going is the acknowledgement I have received from my customers- emails, social media posts- I read them over and over again on a bad day to get back up on my feet!

Why are you so passionate about Fresh Milk from Victorian dairy farms for your ice creams?
Neva: I come from a country where we don’t get very high quality dairy. When I came to Australia- I was amazed by the quality of milk and milk products and the ingredients you get in Australia and felt privileged to be in a nation that I could afford and experience such food. I am passionate about quality and I think thats what Australian dairy farmers do well- maintaining high quality.Eating sub standard food is a waste of calories in my books! I always tell everyone – if I won’t buy it – I won’t sell it. I believe in buying the best ingredients to deliver in making the best ice cream- an ice cream that I would buy myself and stand behind, extremely proud!

Try Neha’s Ice cream! Available at Harris Farm Supermarkets.

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