Fruit & Nut Accompaniments



Nuts about cheese?

Choosing the right accompaniments to suit your cheese platter can be a consuming and untimely dilemma whilst standing at the deli counter.

Here are some tips to help you get it right:

1. Ditch the crackers and use nuts!

Using nuts or dehydrated mango slices to dip into your cheese or to spread the cheese directly onto, is a fantastic and healthy alternative to bread and crackers.

(if you think that sentence was way too wordy you are correct- but my first draft of ‘simply spread the cheese on your nuts and enjoy’ was sent back to me for editing)

2. When less is not more

The old saying ‘less is more’ never applies to entertaining with cheese. Dont risk the platter looking barren.

If you are being conservative with the amount of cheese on offer, over compensate with options for your guests to pick and choose from.

Walnuts, Dried Figs, Dates, Brazil nuts…

Its an exciting experience to mix and match whats on offer and sample different cheese & accompaniment choices instead of the tiresome ‘quince paste’ or muscatel’s option. yawn.

3. Textural Contrast

Wether it be taste or textural, contrast in cheese and accompaniment pairings are an individual preference. Accompaniments will complement or contrast different characteristics in the cheese.

Personal preference will play a large part in how each combination will be received by the individual. Nuts are crunchy and exude an earthy almost sweetness that contrast well with creamy, savoury cheese. Take the walnut as an example; when toasted and served with gorgonzola, the walnut becomes a taste sensation. drizzle of honey optional.

Nuts and dehydrated fruits that work well with cheese:

  • Almonds- hard aged cheeses
  • Brazil Nuts- smoked cheese
  • Walnuts- blue vein cheese
  • Macadamia Nuts- fresh or soft goat and or sheep milk cheese
  • Dehydrated Mango Slices- soft goat milk cheese or a creamy blue vein
  • Dates- a double or triple cream cheese or blue vein
  • Figs- soft goat milk cheese or blue vein
  • Apricots- pungent washed rind cheeses, blue vein or soft goat milk cheese

walnut-logThe Patilla Nash

Chances are you are already familiar with the Pastilla Nash used at all of our events over the last almost 7 years. We adore this cheese accompaniment.

Read the The Pastilla Nash Story here:


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