Eat off Slate

Introducing our dramatic new range of slate platters… stunning, hardy and most importantly, easy to clean!

As specialists in artisan and farmhouse cheese experiences, our new range of slate platters perfectly compliment our cheese events and services.

But our Slate Platters aren’t limited to cheese!! …………
They are most accommodating of sushi, canapes, charcuterie and desserts.

Our Slate Platters make excellent gifts for any cheese lover, foodie friend or family member and are extremely well priced!!

Our unbeatable price point will make you want to order your Slate TOADY!!


100 x 350 $15
200 x 350 $25
300 x 300 $25

We source our slate from Wales where it is cut from a 300yr old quarry, located near the village of Besthesda in Gywnedd county. I will be visiting this quarry next week whilst in the UK for the 2011 World Cheese Awards in Birmingham, UK.
An absolute highlight of this trip will be a tour of the National Slate Museum.

I have become ridiculously passionate about slate.
I have developed this rather consuming interest in how it has formed, what uses it has, how different it can be depending on where in the world it has been sourced.

I love how dramatic food looks a top
as a busy mother of two…. I love how easy it is to maintain
I love the way it evokes comments from people
I love that it is a natural, organic product….
And I have been LOVING a change from all my wooden boards…… I just love Slate!

Slate- did you know?

Welsh Slate is proven to be the toughest natural slate product known to man.
People have been quarrying slate in north Wales for over 1,800 years. Slates were used to build parts of the Roman fort in Segontium in Caernarfon, and in Edward I’s castle at Conwy.
But it was with the dawn of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century that the slate industry really took off.
As small villages such as Manchester exploded into large towns and then cities with the coming of mills and factories, there was an enormous demand for slates to roof the long terraces of houses built as homes for the workers – as well as the foundries and factories themselves.

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Our slate products are cut to size, cleaned, treated, polished and assembled in Potts Point!

Cleaning and Care Instructions:
Our slate boards are not chemically treated or sealed in order to sustain the organic and rustic nature of a magnificent product derived from the famed Cambrian period formed 590 millions years ago.
Our slate products are easily cleaned. Simply wipe off chalk, cheese, crumbs etc with a damp tea towel or wash under running water.
We do not recommend dishwashing or using harsh detergent and cleaning chemicals.

Our slate products are easily refreshed. In order to maintain a wet, slightly polished aesthetic, wipe slate with a natural fruit oil such as an almond, walnut or olive oil prior to service.


Our Slate Platters come with;
a protective burlap satchel
and protective sticker pads for base to prevent board sitting flat on surfaces


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