Cheese Rind Appreciator or Avoider?

“Can I eat the rind?”

This would have to be one of the most frequently asked of all the cheese questions we receive here at M&B HQ!

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Technically you can eat the rind of all cheeses- with the exception of two;
  1. the cloth on traditional english styles of cloth bound cheddars
  2. waxed rinded cheese- whilst waxed used in cheese making are food grade safe, they are not recommended for consumption.

But whether you do or don’t comes down to personal preference.

The more experience with cheese you have, the more you will  appreciate that different styles of cheese with different rind types will be more or less edible at various stages of their life cycle e.g the rind of a young brie or camembert will be more mushroomy and palatable then when really mature and presenting aggressive and overwhelming characteristics.

With harder cheeses the rind is just a dehydrated part of the cheese.

For instance, whilst the rind of an aged Gruyere or Parmesan is in fact totally edible, many people would not find this pleasurable to eat unless grated on pasta or melted down in soup or stock.

So largely, this choice of eating the rind is a matter of taste and personal preference.
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