Cheese Etiquette

“How do I cut the cheese? (no seriously…)”

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We get asked MANY cheese questions here at McIntosh & Bowman HQ!!

Time and time again it’s a ‘cheese etiquette’ question from both camps; the disgruntled host or the nervous guest “how best to cut cheeses of various shapes and sizes?”.

Above are images of uncut cheese and then a simple demonstration of what the professionals or ‘uber considerate cheese appreciators’ do when approaching cheese at a function. Take it as a suggestion…..

Basically, you don’t want to be seen as the hog that takes all the ‘pate’ (the best bit) for yourself – leaving only the rind for others. It can be perceived as being a bit selfish or  inconsiderate…. some people even take offence to it! Let me tell you….. some cheese hosts take their cheese etiquette ‘whey’ too seriously!

The idea of SHARING cheese, is to approach any given piece of cheese with respect, both for the cheese itself and for those who will be enjoying it with you. We do this by ensuring that we equally distribute the amount of rind that each cheese portion has. Sounds ridiculous?….. actually easy enough to do- see above right hand side pic. You can see that there is method to the cheese madness of sizing up the cheese’s shape (scuse the pun) and cutting in a particular fashion that will allow everyone to experience the cheese in its most complimentary expression….. as opposed to just leaving the rind.

Now, armed with the suggestions above, you can approach that cheese selection at your next Christmas function with great confidence and gusto! (pfffffffffff!)

Would love to hear your thoughts or stories about this particular cheese etiquette issue.

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