Guilde Internationale des Fromagers

Claudia with Cheese Royalty; David Gremmels & Cary Bryant

Guilde Internationale des Fromagers

“Last night it was a great honour to have been inducted into the ‘Guilde Internationale des Fromagers’; a most prestigious, French Cheese Association” – Claudia Bowman

Nine robed, official Les Guilde Internationale members including; President Roland Barthélemy, Cathy Strange- global cheese buyer for Whole Foods Market, David Gremmels, co-owner of Rogue Creamery, Louis Aird, specialty cheese director for Saputo in Canada, and Philippe Chevrollier the director of Artisan Cheese for Bongrain, recognised Claudia Bowman of ‘McIntosh & Bowman Cheesemonger’s’ outstanding contribution to the Artisan Cheese Community.

Claudia Bowman was awarded the exclusive title of ‘Garde et Jure’; protector and judge of dairy products and cheesemakers, at what was the 130th induction chapter in the guilde’s history.

The ceremony was held in Alexandria at The Simon Johnson head office and was opened by Roland Barthélemy and Cathy Strange, North American Guilde Internationale des Fromagers Ambassador.

Barthélemy defined the Guilde as being ‘Since 40yrs we are protectors of dairy products and cheesemakers’ and described the ceremony as ‘a monumental occasion’
as it was the first time in the guildes history of visiting and initiating an Australian chapter.

Other Sydney honourees in which awards were bestowed included;
Jill Dupleix
Terry Durack
Niel Perry
Serge Dansereau
Simon Johnson


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Artisan Box of Cheese- delivered to your home or office

As featured in the current edition of Instyle Magazine, Dec 2011

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Many thanks to (our now best friends at) Instyle Magazine who most generously featured our Artisan Cheese Box in the ‘Christmas Gift Guide’ of their Dec 2011 edition.
-Every small business’s dream!

Look for the cover with the fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker.
And hey! Be encouraged to LIKE their facebook page, commenting on how impressed you are to see your favourite cheesemongers getting a feature.

Maybe if they see how many cheese lovers read their terrific publication, and they identify an uncharacteristic increase in both Facebook LIKES and magazine sales, they may attribute this to the inclusion of our unique Artisan Cheese Box and maybe even one day, wish to have me write a regular cheese column for them? wow! I wouldn’t say no.

I was originally thinking of calling this post ‘Cheese In The City’ but thought it would be, well a bit too…. cheesy.

I’ve thought about it a lot, and I strongly believe there to be no coincidence between SJP being on the cover of this months edition and us being recommended as a great gift idea.
Perhaps even a great connection… All that amazing cheese; a perfect concentrated source of calcium and protein for keeping her well manicured, expensive looking hair, skin and nails in check!

Could it be that she in fact, requested that we be featured in the edition that she was to grace the cover of?

Was she even perhaps, eating our cheeses after the photo shoot, in the green room?

… we may never know.

But what we can definitely confirm, is that when you purchase our Artisan Cheese Box you will enjoy next day Delivery FREE OF CHARGE to your boardroom, office or private residence!*
(*deliveries must be within 20-30 km from Botany- any further away and there may be some additional delivery expenses incurred)

This box of gorgeous and unique cheese is;
Perfect if you need cheese for various gatherings over the weekend!
Perfect if you want to go in with workmates/ flatmates or neighbours for a box of cheese to share!
Perfect for office drinks with colleagues on Friday!

and P.E.R.F.E.C.T. as a gift for that foodie friend or family member on ANY occasion!

Try this service for just $149. Click here to visit our shop and buy today!

Delivered to your office or home you will instantly be able to see and taste the value!

We pride ourself on choosing the best of the best seasonal cheese on the morning of your delivery!!
Because of this, the produce and can vary from what is showcased here in the attached image.
Specific cheese can not be requested- it just gets too complicated!!
Trust that you will be receiving a mixed box of incredible and fabulous artisan cheese, not readily accessible, that we select to best represent our brand, to the value of $149.

Your going to LOVE it.




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Eat off Slate

Introducing our dramatic new range of slate platters… stunning, hardy and most importantly, easy to clean!

As specialists in artisan and farmhouse cheese experiences, our new range of slate platters perfectly compliment our cheese events and services.

But our Slate Platters aren’t limited to cheese!! …………
They are most accommodating of sushi, canapes, charcuterie and desserts.

Our Slate Platters make excellent gifts for any cheese lover, foodie friend or family member and are extremely well priced!!

Our unbeatable price point will make you want to order your Slate TOADY!!


100 x 350 $15
200 x 350 $25
300 x 300 $25

We source our slate from Wales where it is cut from a 300yr old quarry, located near the village of Besthesda in Gywnedd county. I will be visiting this quarry next week whilst in the UK for the 2011 World Cheese Awards in Birmingham, UK.
An absolute highlight of this trip will be a tour of the National Slate Museum.

I have become ridiculously passionate about slate.
I have developed this rather consuming interest in how it has formed, what uses it has, how different it can be depending on where in the world it has been sourced.

I love how dramatic food looks a top
as a busy mother of two…. I love how easy it is to maintain
I love the way it evokes comments from people
I love that it is a natural, organic product….
And I have been LOVING a change from all my wooden boards…… I just love Slate!

Slate- did you know?

Welsh Slate is proven to be the toughest natural slate product known to man.
People have been quarrying slate in north Wales for over 1,800 years. Slates were used to build parts of the Roman fort in Segontium in Caernarfon, and in Edward I’s castle at Conwy.
But it was with the dawn of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century that the slate industry really took off.
As small villages such as Manchester exploded into large towns and then cities with the coming of mills and factories, there was an enormous demand for slates to roof the long terraces of houses built as homes for the workers – as well as the foundries and factories themselves.

View our Slate Photo Album on Facebook

Our slate products are cut to size, cleaned, treated, polished and assembled in Potts Point!

Cleaning and Care Instructions:
Our slate boards are not chemically treated or sealed in order to sustain the organic and rustic nature of a magnificent product derived from the famed Cambrian period formed 590 millions years ago.
Our slate products are easily cleaned. Simply wipe off chalk, cheese, crumbs etc with a damp tea towel or wash under running water.
We do not recommend dishwashing or using harsh detergent and cleaning chemicals.

Our slate products are easily refreshed. In order to maintain a wet, slightly polished aesthetic, wipe slate with a natural fruit oil such as an almond, walnut or olive oil prior to service.


Our Slate Platters come with;
a protective burlap satchel
and protective sticker pads for base to prevent board sitting flat on surfaces


Buy our Slate from the Online Store of our Website



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McIntosh & Bowman Cheesemongers Slate Cheese Boards

Slate Cheese Platter

Cleaning and Care Instructions

Our slate boards are not chemically treated or sealed in order to sustain the organic and rustic nature of a magnificent product derived from the famed Cambrian period formed 590 millions years ago.

Our slate products are easily cleaned with soapy warm to hot water.

Whilst we use our slate so often that we have become comfortable just whacking it in the dishwasher, we don’t really recommend using harsh detergent and cleaning chemicals.

Our slate products are easily refreshed. In order to maintain a wet, slightly polished aesthetic, wipe slate with a natural fruit oil such as an almond, walnut or olive oil prior to service.


Each McIntosh & Bowman Slate Cheese Board is accompanied by;

  • A Protective burlap satchel
  • Protective sticker pads for base to prevent board sitting flat on surfaces


To order your own Slate Cheese Board please contact us

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Pack your bags, its an EXPRESS UK cheese tour!


The privilege of judging on the Supreme Panel of International Judges at this years World Cheese Awards 2013 is a blessing which hath again been bestowed upon me, and as the line up of ridiculously fantastic foodie experiences is simply too excellent not to share…. we have turned it into a tour with 3 tickets already sold!

24th November 2013 – 2nd December 2013

Just 6 days on the ground in the UK (there and back in 8) means that this tour is perfectly manageable for hectic work schedules or parenting responsibilities.

Please be warned, this tour is not for the faint of heart or palate challenged…

We believe we have put together an action packed, interactive, express tour of a lifetime with some of the hottest names in the UK food scene for an unbeatable and unique itinerary that will include:

This experience retails for $6,267 and includes:

  • return flights
  • 6 nights accommodation
  • transportation
  • all activities
  • 5 breakfasts, 4 lunches

The cost of rtn airfares are currently included in the cost at $6,267 however deposits must be paid to secure flight bookings at current rates before Friday 18th October 2013.

After which the cost of the experience will escalate relative to the expense of the flights.

Register your interest now to receive more information.

Bookings for this trip are extremely limited and with 4 now already sold, this tour will book out! Bookings with their deposits received first will be given priority.

View some images from our experience judging at the 2011 World Cheese Awards UK via Facebook album.

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Tasmanian Cheese Tour 2013

Snap shots of Tasmania

Experience the best of Tasmania!!

Back by popular demand, we are again offering our Southern Tasmanian Cheese Tour.

We have been working alongside some of the hottest names in the Australian food scene to come up with an unbeatable and unique itinerary for a quick trip to the southern most tip of Australia.

17th January 2014 – 19th January 2014

An express 3 day tour ensures that this experience is perfectly manageable for hectic work schedules or parenting responsibilities.

Day 1

  • Fly into Hobart
  • Then off to a seriously amazing whisky tour and tasting at Larks distillery at Mount Pleasant to see award winning, artisan whisky being produced
  • MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) tour that includes Lunch as well as Cellar Door tasting and tour experience at both winery and brewery
  • Checking into 4 star accommodation in Hobart city near wharf
  • Beer & Cheese Experience and Dinner at ‘The Farm Bar’ with the awesome Ashley Huntington, brewer and owner of the 2mt Tall Brewery 

Day 2

  • A walk through the Salamanca Market for our morning coffee, croissant and shopping
  • Before being transported to The Agrarian Kitchen with Rodney Dun former editor of Gourmet Traveller…..Rodney and his wife Sevrine run a breathtakingly amazing cooking school in the countryside

Day 3

  • The day starts with a farm visit to Grandvewe Organic Cheese Co and Winery for a ‘meet the maker’ and cheese and wine tasting and farm tour
  • Before being dropped off to Bruny Island Cheese Company for lunch, a Cheese Making Workshop and cheese and wine tasting with Nick Haddow.
  • Then on to Bruny Island for the award winning Eco Cruise with Robert Penicott on his power boat around Bruny Island
  • Then on to meet Hans Stutz and Esther Haeusermann and visit their Goat Cheese Dairy market stand at the Cygnet Market for a cheese tasting and meet the maker experience
  • Fly back to Sydney


This Experience retails for $2,500 and includes flights, accommodation, transfers, tastings, classes and most meals

The cost of rtn airfares are currently included in the cost at $2,500 however deposits must be paid to secure flight bookings at current rates before November 11th 2013.

After which the cost of the experience will escalate relative to the expense of the flights.

Email info@mcintoshandbowman to register your interest now and to receive more information.

McIntosh & Bowman specialise in the education and appreciation of Artisan and Farmhouse Cheeses produced by the very best cheese makers from Australia and around the world.

Tasting Experiences • Cheese Making Workshops • Local and International Gourmet Food Tours

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Download Now!

It’s here!! Our Educational Cheese iPhone App

I am thrilled to announce that apple have approved my cheese app and that it can be downloaded from the apple store effective immediately!

We have already had over 40,000 downloads!! NOW just $2.99 in-app purchase.

Ask The Cheesemonger…. what can i say…….it’s all you could ever want to know about cheese at the click of your thumbs!

Ask The Cheesemonger is the ultimate cheese application for both industry professionals and cheese enthusiasts alike.

This educational application profiles hundreds of cheese from around the world and comprehensively answers the most frequently asked cheese questions. It also suggests beverage matching options, allows users to search hundreds of cheese by milk type, cheese style, country of origin, and rennet type and features a cheese challenge that tests the enthusiasts knowledge of cheese, with scores that can be posted to Facebook, twitter.

I am excited that I can continually update this app with all the new cheeses from ever corner of the world as I keep discovering them. We have also held back a lot of content so that we can upload more cheese each month. This application has only just begun.

I collaborated with the skilled and creative developers Protein One, the brains behind the #1 Lifestyle App,  ‘Ask The Butcher’, to bring the most comprehensive cheese app to iTunes.

As we receive a H.U.G.E. amount of cheese questions to our website every day; from everything from how do you get the holes in swiss cheese? why are some cheeses orange? what’s the difference between brie and camembert? it was important that a primary function of this cheese app was to be educational and answer these FAQ in the most comprehensive way we could to allow cheese enthusiasts better access to the information they are craving.
It is after all the information age, and as everyone wants to be an expert, here we have the perfect cheese guide.

Ask The Cheesemonger has been designed to simplify and demystify the often confusing subject of cheese and in doing so provides enthusiasts with the product confidence that will enhance future cheese experiences.

Impress your friends and colleagues at your next dinner party with your knowledge of the wonderful world of cheese!!

Download Now


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Worlds Best Cheese

Well it’s official!

Ossau Iraty; a French, raw, sheep milk cheese has been crowned World Champion at the 2011 World Cheese Awards; – the world’s largest international cheese competition.

It was a tremendous experience for me to have been a part of this decision making process as one of judges on the The Supreme Panel, made up of 19 experts from 12 countries to finally crown the World Champion Cheese of 2011.

This cheese also took out a second award for the day; ‘Best raw milk cheese’ of 2011.

The day was hosted at the BBC Good Food Show on 23rd November 2011 and started with 200 international judges tasting over 2,500 cheeses from 30 countries during the morning session. We then identified 55 ‘supergold’ award winning cheeses by mid-afternoon before the judges lunch.

Ossau Iraty AOC is made by a small family run business ‘Fromagerie Agour’, and is one of only two sheep milk cheeses with AOC status in France.

Incredibly, this is the second time the Ossau Iraty AOC has been crowned World Champion, having first won in 2006. This is unheard of in the 23 years that the World Cheese Awards have been running and confirms how outstanding the quality of the cheese is.

The winning cheese was submitted by Frédéric Gayral from the UK importer QST. When he called the father and son who make the cheese to tell them the good news he said “they started to cry on the phone, it was overwhelming.”

Cornish Blue (UK), which was crowned World Champion in 2010 came a very close second and Sartori Limited Edition Cognac (USA) came third.

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Masterchef Live 2011 – The Official Cheese Partners

MasterChef Live 2011

We enjoyed a most successful experience as the Official Cheese Partners of this years ‘Masterchef Live’ event at The Horden Pavilion Oct 15th-17th.


We even had a photo with George!

I am told there was in excess of 30,000 foodies that came through and immersed them selves in all of George, Garry and Matt’s favourite things.

We had 6 shows on stage, partnered up with Hardy’s Wines and co-presenting alongside one of their wine makers; Charlie (Charles) Seppelt.

I was thrilled to have met Sir James and Lady Joan Hardy with whom I presented some of my hand crafted slate cheese boards to. Wonderful.

It was a pleasure of the highest order sharing our stand with the amazing Jan Nash and Christopher of Pastilla Nash– Our cheese accompaniments of choice!!

I felt like a princess having been styled and dressed by Sophie Rose, of Mr Rose

Many thanks also to RM WILLIAMS for my apparel.

Congratulations to the winner of our Masterchef Live ‘Artisan Cheese Box’ give away; ‘Ethan Biddle’. Ethan; we will make contact to organise delivery of your Luxury Cheese Hamper!

We used the Masterchef weekend and our 6 masterclasses on stage to showcase and market research our new slate products by serving all cheese on slate.

We subsequently sold out of slate before the end of the festival! A most wonderful reception for our new cheese affiliate.

Here are the cheese matches we discovered worked best over the weekend alongside the following wines from the Hardys new ‘Nottage Hill’ Brand;

– Meredith ‘Ash’ Goat Milk Fresh Cheese from Meredith, Victoria

– Yarra Valley Dairy ‘White Savourine’ Goat Milk Bloomy Rind Cheese from Yarra Valley Victoria

– Holy Goat’s ‘Matured Skyla’ Bloomy Rind Cheese from Castlemaine, Victoria

– Pyengana Cloth Bound Cheddar Cow’s Milk Hard Cheese from Pyengana, Tasmania

– Berry’s Creek ‘Tarwin Blue’ Cow’s Milk Blue Vein Cheese from Gippsland, Victoria

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World Cheese Awards 2011- Birmingham UK

I am thrilled to have accepted a very fancy position on the Supreme Panel of International Judges at this years World Cheese Awards in Birmingham, UK.

A most wonderful achievement from my humble cheese beginnings of mass produced, industrial, commercial cheeses readily accessible from the supermarkets.

It is indeed true that, at even an early age I was able to distinguish the difference between Mainland, COON, Cracker Barrel and BEGA. My three siblings will testify.
Their similar yellow, waxy, continuous block like aesthetic did nothing to detract from the subtle (to some- but overwhelmingly overt to my sophisticated 3yr old palate) differences in aroma and flavour profile.

Who would have known, that this very skill and ability to assess and articulate characteristics of fermented milk products, would become my calling in life. So, it’s most certainly a great honour for me to have been called upon, and on such an international stage, to compare and contrast various aspects of aroma, texture, taste, mouthfeel and balance between different milk types and cheese styles.

Back to how brilliant this event is going to be; as the name would suggest, The World Cheese Awards is the largest and most diverse cheese competition in the world. Naturally.

This event is part of the biggest paid-for consumer food show in Europe; The BBC Good Food Show, a 20year seasoned event!

On Wednesday November 23 (next Wednesday) I will be placed in a judging team to work with other cheese professionals on a certain category or round before taking part again, later in the day as part of the ‘Super Jury’ where we will again be called upon to judge the top cheeses from each round, in the hope of arriving at a verdict on the World Champion 2011.

I couldn’t be more excited.

And to the 44 cheese enthusiasts who are booked into cheese events out on Fort Denison with me on the Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th; don’t worry… I will be back in time.
This will be the second whirl wind international ‘there and back in less then a week’ trip. All for the love of cheese.

Based on key visitor facts from 2010, they are expecting;

89,000 visitors
91% ABC1
Average household income £52k
£ 9.1m spent at the Show

Be sure to follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with all our Cheese Adventures at The World Cheese Awards 2011.

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