Artisan Box of Cheese- delivered to your home or office

As featured in the current edition of Instyle Magazine, Dec 2011

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Many thanks to (our now best friends at) Instyle Magazine who most generously featured our Artisan Cheese Box in the ‘Christmas Gift Guide’ of their Dec 2011 edition.
-Every small business’s dream!

Look for the cover with the fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker.
And hey! Be encouraged to LIKE their facebook page, commenting on how impressed you are to see your favourite cheesemongers getting a feature.

Maybe if they see how many cheese lovers read their terrific publication, and they identify an uncharacteristic increase in both Facebook LIKES and magazine sales, they may attribute this to the inclusion of our unique Artisan Cheese Box and maybe even one day, wish to have me write a regular cheese column for them? wow! I wouldn’t say no.

I was originally thinking of calling this post ‘Cheese In The City’ but thought it would be, well a bit too…. cheesy.

I’ve thought about it a lot, and I strongly believe there to be no coincidence between SJP being on the cover of this months edition and us being recommended as a great gift idea.
Perhaps even a great connection… All that amazing cheese; a perfect concentrated source of calcium and protein for keeping her well manicured, expensive looking hair, skin and nails in check!

Could it be that she in fact, requested that we be featured in the edition that she was to grace the cover of?

Was she even perhaps, eating our cheeses after the photo shoot, in the green room?

… we may never know.

But what we can definitely confirm, is that when you purchase our Artisan Cheese Box you will enjoy next day Delivery FREE OF CHARGE to your boardroom, office or private residence!*
(*deliveries must be within 20-30 km from Botany- any further away and there may be some additional delivery expenses incurred)

This box of gorgeous and unique cheese is;
Perfect if you need cheese for various gatherings over the weekend!
Perfect if you want to go in with workmates/ flatmates or neighbours for a box of cheese to share!
Perfect for office drinks with colleagues on Friday!

and P.E.R.F.E.C.T. as a gift for that foodie friend or family member on ANY occasion!

Try this service for just $149. Click here to visit our shop and buy today!

Delivered to your office or home you will instantly be able to see and taste the value!

We pride ourself on choosing the best of the best seasonal cheese on the morning of your delivery!!
Because of this, the produce and can vary from what is showcased here in the attached image.
Specific cheese can not be requested- it just gets too complicated!!
Trust that you will be receiving a mixed box of incredible and fabulous artisan cheese, not readily accessible, that we select to best represent our brand, to the value of $149.

Your going to LOVE it.




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