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We are a culinary tourism experience provider in Sydney, Australia.

Our events create and promote a direct connection between primary producers and the consumer. We’ve been hosting culinary tourism inspired events since 2006 as McIntosh & Bowman Cheesemongers Pty Ltd: now AgriTourism Events Australia.

Our culinary events create memorable and delicious opportunities for Australian produce, regions and producers to be showcased to audiences through an informative, entertaining and indulgent cultural experience.

We service the private and corporate events sector as well as the general public through an extensive schedule of experiences retailed through various online experiential and gifting vendors as well as on the live booking schedule of our own website.

We often co-host these high-end masterclasses, workshops, tours & tasting sessions alongside experts in Champagne, Single-Malt Whisky, Boutique Wine, Craft Beer, Chocolates & Oysters.

Our most successful product — The Australian Artisan Cheese & Wine Experience — was held on Fort Denison between 2007-2017 then Cockatoo Island June 2017-March 2018. This iconic Sydney Harbour event is now available at The Overseas Passenger Terminal (OPT) located in the world-renowned amphitheatre of Circular Quay, with Sydney Opera House and The Harbour Bridge in view.



About Claudia Bowman

Claudia Bowman
Director, Agritourism Events Australia
International Cheese Judge; World Cheese Awards (Birmingham, UK 2011 & London, UK 2017)

Claudia Bowman is passionate about creating, promoting and delivering unique cultural experience events that directly connect primary producers with consumers.

Since 2006, Claudia’s Agritourism Events company has been servicing the private and corporate events sector as well as the general public through an extensive published schedule of culinary experiences, workshops, masterclass and tasting sessions that showcase Australian artisan cheese, meats, oysters, single-malt whisky, boutique wine and craft beer.

Claudia is the founder and creative director of The Australian Artisan Cheese & Wine Experience ; Australia’s premier Cheese & Wine Experience on Sydney Harbour open to the public, held on Fort Denison Island between 2007-2017 and Cockatoo Island June 2017-March 2018. This iconic Sydney Harbour event is now available at The Overseas Passenger Terminal (OPT) located in the world-renowned amphitheatre of Circular Quay, with Sydney Opera House and The Harbour Bridge in view.

Claudia is as Hospitality Industry professional, 20+ years immersed in the customer service, customer experience and event industry in the Australian and Sydney market.

Having completed a Hospitality Management diploma in Australia (attaining a high distinction in Marketing) Claudia indulged her passion for artisan cheese with further study, receiving a high distinction in the UK Cheese Guild Diploma (composition, history and classification of cheese) in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Back In Australia in 2006, having identified a gap in the online market for gifting culinary experiences, Claudia set about creating a start up that specialised in creating and promoting a direct connection between primary producers and consumers via hospitality-tourism based food & beverage experiences (for the general public as well as the private and corporate sector) retailed via numerous online vendors such as Ticketek, Redballoon, Australian Explorer & Viator to name a few.

15 years within the artisan cheese industry, Claudia’s cheese expertise is internationally recognized and lands provides her with prominent invitations to international cheese events, business opportunities and positions on judging panels at award shows around the globe. (World Cheese Awards 2011, 2017)

In 2011 Claudia launched her award-winning iPhone and Android app Ask The Cheesemonger, co-produced alongside award winning development company Protien One. It was the ultimate cheese app with hundreds of detailed cheese profiles, expert advice on matching cheeses to wine and even a cheese game. Ask The Cheesemonger, at one time, rated as one of SMH’s top 25 Food Apps. The app profiled hundreds of cheeses and featured a superior search function (so cheeses could be searched by milk type, cheese style, country of origin, rennet type) and an FAQ section to answer questions such as ‘what’s the difference between brie and camembert?’ & ‘How do they get the holes in Swiss cheese?’

The same year, Claudia was invited to join the Supreme Panel of International Cheese Judges at The World Cheese Awards in Birmingham, UK.

In 2012, Claudia again joined the elite palates in cheese, standing with Australian Culinary greats Neil Perry, Simon Johnson and Will Studd when she was inducted into the most prestigious French cheese association Guilde Internationale des Fromages and awarded the title Garde et Jure – Protector and Judge of Dairy Products and Cheese makers for her contribution to the cheese world, at what was the 130th induction chapter in the Guilde’s history.

In November 2017 Claudia again represented Australia at the World Cheese Awards, joining the judging panel in London on Friday 17 November to award the world’s best cheeses.

Celebrating its 30th year, the World Cheese Awards is the largest cheese competition in the world, attracting 3,000 entries from 35 different countries.

One of only 16 super jury panel members, Claudia joined a team of internationally recognized experts including cheese makers, technical experts, buyers, retailers, food writers and the finest palates and noses in the business to judge the awards.

The World Cheese Awards gives cheese from six continents the chance to shine on the world stage in front of an international audience of experts and consumers.

Cheeses from 35 different countries are channelled through one of 12 international consolidation points, as the competition’s global network of experts gather entries from their region, before transferring them to the World Cheese Awards venue to be blind-tasted by the judges. The trophy for the best cheese on the globe has returned to the UK after the alpine-style Cornish Kern by Lynher Dairies took the top honour at the 2017 World Cheese Awards.

In the month of August 2018 Claudia will celebrate 12 years of small business success.

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